Our Process

It’s All About Water Solutions

Covenant Technical Solutions™ (CTS™) specializes in wellhead/groundwater treatment and complete site development to bring utilities into water quality compliance consistent with the latest regulatory environment.  Upon completion of the site development, our team can provide the conveyance systems required to deliver the treated potable water to the destination.  Our focus is on addressing PFAS, 1,2,3-TCP, chromium 6, 1,4-dioxane, TOC and other legacy contaminants that have historically plagued groundwater resources. The team can address potable water, remedial, reclaim and industrial applications.

Collaborative Delivery Methods

As the demand and speed for reliable water increases, CTS can bridge the knowledge gap from project concept through commissioning, then client acceptance. We call this our “10-to-100” program. Our experience includes overall project design, permitting, treatment process and conveyance designs, system manufacturing, on and offsite construction, and financing.

Designing outcomes that ensure water quality risk management and schedule compliance.

Delivery Capabilities:

  • Complete Project Design
  • Cost Estimating Support
  • Design-Bid-Build
  • Collaborative and Alternative Procurement
  • Design Build
  • Progressive Design Build
  • CMAR
  • P3 (Public Private Partnership)
  • Finance Support Capabilities through Partnerships
  • DBFMO (Design Build Finance Maintain Operate)
  • Water quality performance risk management